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Intercultural Competence & Service lEARNING

Core Values

 At Getaway Growth, we are guided by 4 core values:

Opportunity & Possibility

Our international travel program combines immersive projects and cultural experiences to expose participants to new perspectives, ideas, conversations, and challenges. By doing so, we aim to cultivate a mindset of possibility and encourage awareness of diverse life paths. 


Access & inclusivity

Every young adult should have access to traveling abroad and the unique experiences that come with it. We look to bridge the gap by providing financial resources, guidance, and mentorship. 

We strive to make our program as diverse and welcoming as possible, seeking students from all backgrounds. 



We promote a global, humanity-first mindset. We work to help our youth become mindful citizens who understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures around the world. By fostering a greater sense of empathy and understanding, we hope to create a more peaceful and harmonious society.

International Relations

We aim to create cross-border relationships, grounded in a deep respect for local cultures. Through our program, we partner with local communities to support their needs to create positive change. Our goal is to foster mutual respect and understanding that promotes a more interconnected and sustainable world


Program Outline

In the service of increasing intercultural competence and knowledge of other cultures, students engage in various activities to learn and understand the idea of culture, its importance, and identify their own cultural identity.

debunking stereotypes

Pre-departure discussion in debunking the myths and stereotypes around the two countries.

interactive workshops

An Interactive workshop on what culture means. Students are introduced to the idea of culture, the 'iceberg' concept, and the ideologies of individualistic and collective societies.

Cross-Cultural reflective sessions

Cross-cultural and reflective conversations around cultural topics including greetings, food, language, partnerships, children, approach to health care, wealth, dance, and afterlife.

Immersive activities

Immersive activities include interacting with local communities, families, learning traditional dances, and learning to cook traditional food of the local host country.

service learning & environmental stewardship

As a way of advocating for environmental justice and to grow as agents of change, students engage in practical field-work, interact with and serve local communities. Students participate in a variety of activities that vary with each cohort.

introduction to service learning

Prior to serving local communities, students attend a workshop on service learning which distinguishes it from volunteering. This workshop also teaches students about responsible and ethical behavior when interacting with local communities. Furthermore, students reflect on the challenges and needs of the community in order to better understand the work they will be engaging in.

Through our partnership with the Maa Trust, students support the conservation and sustainable development of communities in Maasai Mara. They learn about the three main pillars of the organizations work and have the opportunity to engage with at least one of the initiatives: education and skills, water and health, sustainable livelihoods.


Students examine the notion of environmental justice within their own circumstances and investigate methods of promoting healthier environmental living spaces on both a local and global scale.

In 2022, our students took part alongside Brackenology in the Brackenhurst Botanical Gardens and Indigenous Forest in helping restore the Brackenhurst Indigenous Forest by uprooting invasive species and planting new trees.

This year, students will be introduced to topics around marine conservation. Alongside, A Rocha Kenya in Watamu, student engagement may take various forms, including assistance with data collection for scientific research, helping with environmental education, doing record keeping and administrative tasks. They will also learn about Watamu Marine Park and Turtle Watch, and the services the facility provides to marine life. Students will leave with a greater understanding of the role this important keystone species plays in healthy oceans and have the opportunity to feed and clean the turtles.

SDGs at Getaway Growth

Getaway Growth is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, tackling three goals in our 2023 curriculum: quality education, reduced inequalities, and life below water.

Our Partners

We are excited for our second Intercultural Competence & Service Learning Kenya Summer 2023 Program. 


This year, we have broadened our program’s scope by incorporating Entrepreneurship. We are also thrilled for our new partnership with the Mars Society, adding a new dimension to our program.

Help fund our program expenses to promote equitable international learning opportunities

These include accommodations, meals, transportation, extra/co-curricular activities, entrance fees to educational sites, passport books, travel vaccines and immunizations, instructors, chaperone, and facilitator fees. 

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