Our cohort is a diverse group of hard-working students filled with dreams. From an aspiring diplomat to a computer scientist, each one has a desire to explore possibilities, broaden their horizons, and change the world. Learn more about them below!


Being a part of Getaway Growth’s summer 2022 program would mean a lot to me as I’d be able to explore and travel to a completely new country. I will be able to learn about a different culture, meet new people, and make long lasting memories through this trip. I’m currently an environmental studies major and by taking part of this trip it’ll allow me to broaden my knowledge on current environmental issues that are happening in this part of the world. I’m excited about taking part in this trip and being offered this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

“Being part of Getaway Growth means a lot to me. This will be my first travel experience and I’m excited to get out into the world, experience a beautiful culture, and have this opportunity to meet new people with different backgrounds from myself. I am so grateful for this opportunity to share this experience and create new lifelong memories with the 2022 Kenya cohort.”

Being a part of Getaway Growth’s summer 2022 program would not only allow me to travel to places I never believed was possible for me, but it would also give me the opportunity to explore my passion as a second year Asian American Studies major. I value the stories and experiences of people who differ from mine, and this goes far beyond just the Asian community. Being from the United States and having traveled to Vietnam and Thailand before, I have an appreciation and desire to learn about different cultures. I believe that through this amazing experience, it will expand my knowledge and preconceived notion of the world, as well as explore what it is I want to contribute to this world. 


The Getaway Growth summer 2022 program is one I would be extremely thrilled to be a part of. It is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends from different places and cultures, develop intercultural competence and get the chance to travel with new people. As an aspiring diplomat, I genuinely believe this would be an immaculate stepping stone for the future as it would provide a vast opportunity to interact with others beyond my small circle of friends plus gain a better understanding of different peoples thinking and perspectives.

“It would mean so much to me to be a part of Getaway Growth’s Summer 2022 program because I would not only get the chance to visit other places in my country that I have never been to, but also to meet and experience new people and the diverse cultures, knowledge and personalities they have. Being a Music major at the university, I cannot wait to experience the different music that various communities in Kenya have, as traditional music among Kenyan communities is very unique and a great way to connect with the people in the country. I have a deep desire to make new friends and expand my knowledge through this program. I’m super grateful for this amazing opportunity.”

I’m studying mathematics and economics and I’m a young car enthusiast. Being part of Getaway Growth’s Summer 2022 program will allow me to not only connect with other people, but also learn from our diverse experiences from our different cultures at the same time getting to visit different places. I’m excited to share what I love with people who may have the potential to enjoy it as much as I do.

Being a part of Getaway Growth’s summer 2022 program would allow me to explore and learn about places in Kenya that I have not previously visited. I’m excited to meet new people from different cultures and learn about their lifestyles. One of my career goals after college is to use my computer science skills to empower women and young girls in Kenya through technology, allowing them to broaden their opportunities to include exploring career options in the tech field.