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What is Getaway to Kenya?

Our Annual Benefit Dinner is a special evening celebrating our work at Getaway Growth. We showcase the transformative experiences of our students, featuring inspiring stories from our most recent participants. Through these narratives, our donors witness the profound impact of their support and our programs have on the lives of those we serve.



As we prepare for the upcoming Annual Benefit Dinner, we anticipate an even more exceptional event, with an array of new stories, captivating entertainment, and a selection of auction items. We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support and enthusiasm of our donors, whose contributions fuel our efforts in helping individuals overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. 

60 Attendees

Special guests from LAFC, Nintendo America, LinkedIn, Jules & Associates, and BidVita. 


Other startup guests & entrepreneurs from Goka Labs, Kenko PT, and CGE Entertainment.

13K Raised



Christopher Watson, Winner of the Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart


DAANSEKOU, African Drum & Dance Performance

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