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Getaway Growth’s Kenya 2023 program application opened on October 7,
2022 and will close on January 13, 2023.

1. Applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 24 at the time of the trip start to be considered.
2. Applicants must consider themselves underserved and should be legally permitted to exit and enter the United States on a commercial airline.

October 2022: Applications open (until Jan 13, 2023)

December 2022: Virtual informational session for anyone who wants to attend or learn more about our program that includes the students, guardian(s), and educators. Please check our website frequently for
updates on informational dates and access to our virtual session.

January 2023: Applications will be reviewed and students will be updated on application status via email towards the end of the month leading into the first week of February.

February 2023: Once notified, selected students will have 3 weeks to commit or decline program acceptance. Upon commitment, the Getaway Growth team will begin working one-on-one with students to reach travel needs (i.e. apply for first-time or renew passports, travel vaccination requirements, obtaining travel insurance, etc.)

April 2023: Getaway Growth will host a mandatory virtual orientation session for all our students. The exact dates will be set in the future, we do our best to accommodate each participant’s schedule.

May and June 2023: Our Kenyan program partner hosts two mandatory orientation sessions. In these sessions you will get a program overview and have a virtual Meet-and-Greet for US students and Kenyan students. These sessions include a parent informational session and cover packing list requirements.

July/August 2023: Depart for Nairobi

Yes, you must have proof of vaccination via your vaccination card by the time orientation sessions start. We want to ensure that our students are healthy, safe and ready to travel. Additionally, Kenya requires proof of vaccination upon entry. We will continue to monitor COVID-19 guidelines and update as needed.

Due to the ever-changing environment of COVID-19, we remain adaptable to the best measures to protect our students and staff during travels. Our chaperones travel with fully stocked first-aid kits (including rapid COVID-19 tests and masks) and have outlined all health clinics closest to our housing in each location we visit in Kenya.

For additional information in regards to COVID-19 and how our partner EDU Africa is taking safety precautions, click the link HERE

We take great responsibility in creating a safe trip for each cohort, following both Getaway Growth and EDU Africa safety guidelines. Here are a few measures taken to ensure safe travels:



1. Getaway Growth has Kenyan native drivers and program facilitators dedicated to our group throughout the two-week trip. They are extremely knowledgeable of the country and have several years of
experience working on international student trips.


2. Our cohort always moves together. Meaning, students are not allowed to leave the group or do activities outside of our program itinerary. This ensures that we know where each student is at all times, and that there is always an adult Kenyan native with them that understands the area and language.


3. We have access to health clinics and doctors while in Kenya. EDU Africa also outlines the nearest hospital and clinic to each accommodation location. In case of emergency, we always have this on hand.


4. Each student will have International Travel Insurance which will help cover any unlikely emergencies.

Chaperones always travel with fully stocked first-aid kits (including rapid COVID-19 tests) to provide assistance to any student that needs it.

If a trip is postponed or canceled, students and guardians will be notified at the soonest possible time. Additionally, students chosen to participate in a canceled trip will automatically be considered for the following years program (assuming the trip run’s as planned).

Yes, if not selected, we encourage students to apply to the following
years program as long as they still fit our eligibility requirements.

The program intent is to provide unparalleled cultural immersion and leadership experiences, while building new skills, giving back to communities, and building long-lasting friendships. 


You’ll gain insights into the challenges locals face throughout Kenya and collaborate alongside your peers and local communities to help, support, and implement sustainable service projects – one of those being planting trees to restore an indigenous forest.

You’ll combine culture and meaningful service throughout your journey —celebrating tribal customs of the Maasai people as you learn about their history and heritage. You’ll be surrounded by the wild expanse of
the Savannah and in the warm company of Maasai community members who are eager to share their story with you.

You’ll become part of the community and learn what it’s like to live in Kenya as you interact with your Kenyan peers and visit local families. 


You’ll also go on excursions to must-see spots and have the adventure of a lifetime exploring Kenya!

Getaway Growth’s Kenya Summer 2023 Program will cover all costs associated with transportation, accommodation, meals, and travel insurance. Additionally we cover up to $250 in obtaining a passport and travel immunization.

The only cost you will have to cover are any personal expenses including souvenirs, snacks not included in our daily meal program, and anything extra you wish to spend on activities on a free day

Expect your two weeks to be packed with workshops, activities, and fun! Here is an average day for our cohort, please note that we travel to several locations throughout the trip so the exact activities day-to-day will vary.

Educational Workshop
Tea Time/Morning Break
Team Building
Service Learning Activity
Tea Time/Afternoon Break
Reflection session
Free time

We require all students to complete the post-trip assessment and provide feedback on their experience, submit any photos, and testimonials. 


Our team is building a student volunteer program to involve those interested in continuing work with Getaway Growth. Some volunteer opportunities are mentoring future students, participating in social

media and marketing efforts, and assisting in our fundraising events.

We continue to expand our volunteer opportunities and are happy to offer school credit to any students requiring volunteer hours. We will continue to provide any resources and opportunities to our alumni students long after the trip is completed and work hard to connect alumni with impactful programs. 


Lastly, our team is dedicated to serving our community and are happy to provide long-term
mentorship whether it be for school, work, or personal goal building. 

Sign up above, follow us on social media @getawaygrowth or email us at to let us know you are interested and want to be kept in the loop! Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

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