The team members of Getaway Growth have vastly different career backgrounds and even upbringings, but the one thing that links us is our love for travel. Travel can teach us so many things about ourselves and the world around us that you just can’t learn anywhere else. Thus, one of the best things about traveling and meeting other travelers is swapping stories. In the following weeks, you’ll embark on some of our team’s most memorable traveling experiences, traveling tips and tricks, and all things related to travel.

To start us off, Harley, and his unforgettable trip to Iceland!

“Sometimes the best parts of a trip are totally unplanned! We went to Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach during our trip to Iceland, and on the way we passed a sign for glacier climbing. We decided we’d stop there after seeing the beach. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach was amazing and well worth the extra drive – had never seen another place like it before. Then we checked out Solheimajokull Glacier, which was where we’d seen the sign. Another awesome thing to see – our first glacier ever! These things are so huge, and they largely stay frozen despite the air temperature being too warm. It was crazy looking at this colossal clump of ice, dirt, and rock that had been in the same place for 400-600 years.”