Help us give students from underserved communities the pathway to the brighter futures they deserve through transformative and intercultural experiences! 

What is the $2.54 campaign?

We believe in the power of collective giving. The $2.54 Campaign is a simple fundraising campaign that easily allows everyone in the community to get involved by donating $2.54 to give ten underserved students (five from the U.S. and five from Kenya) the opportunity to participate in a two-week transformative cultural exchange program in Kenya! Let’s make a difference by giving as little or as much as we can.

Oh, and why $2.54? 254 is Kenya’s country code!

Why should students from underserved communities be a focus?

Students from low-income families are underrepresented in enriching opportunities like study abroad programs. They only make up 6.1% of Americans that study abroad.They are too often shut out. 

Students from low-income families can rarely afford to participate in unpaid programs, which still account for 43% of all internships.

Parents remain the main source of student travel funding. 1 in 4 trips is covered through fundraising. Schools themselves fund 6% of student trips. 

The importance of student travel

Student travel is not only a standard teaching resource; it is also significantly more effective than traditional forms of education. 45% of instructors claim it is highly effective compared to classroom instruction.     

Students who travel have an increased desire to attend college.

Participating in travel makes students more marketable to employers.

Image source: Student & Youth Travel Association. (2016).  Student & Youth Travel Digest [Visual Graph].  https://syta.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/SYTD-Social-Impact-8.11.pdf

How can I get involved?

Getting involved in our campaign is simple! First, donate $2.54. 

Then, nominate five people who you might think would join our campaign. They will donate $2.54 and nominate five more people, and the chain continues. 

The more people who join us, the easier we will reach our goal! Use social media by tagging your friends and family,
sharing our campaign via email or simply by word-of-mouth.

Our goal is to expand the possibilities for our underserved youth and give them the opportunity of a lifetime!

How will Getaway Growth help?

At Getaway Growth, we help youth overcome these steep barriers by covering each cohort member’s expenses.

Over the past year, we have worked hard! We have partnered with EDU Africa and 10+ non-profit organizations and community leaders to organize diverse and meaningful experiences for our student cohort this Summer 2022. To learn more about the Summer 2022 program in detail, click here

Although learnings are situated within the context of Kenya, the program provides an overview of general components of intercultural competence that may be applied in any intercultural situation. Guided by EDU Africa’s five transformation goals, this program is designed to encourage students towards holistic growth.

How will the money be used?

Our goal for this campaign is to raise a total of $34,750 that will fully cover program costs for all ten students which include each student’s accommodations, transportation while in Kenya, entrances/fees to local sights and visits as well as three meals per day while on the trip. Any funds that exceed our proposed budget will directly benefit our students and the local community.

*We are currently in the process of recruiting the rest of our ten students.