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Every young adult deserves a world of opportunities & relationships that transcend borders

Getaway Growth is a 501(c)3 dedicated to removing barriers and facilitating access to international travel and unique educational opportunities for underserved youth in the United States. By planning and providing fully-funded trips, with a combined multidisciplinary and immersive global experience, we offer students an opportunity of a lifetime.


Our vision is a future where young adults are able to gain a deeper understanding of the world. We hope that our students return home with a mindset of new possibilities and open new paths for life and work to thrive in a rapidly transforming and complex world.

We prepare students to become global and culturally responsible leaders of tomorrow

Access to International Travel

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected and we experience unprecedented world challenges, underserved communities need support in overcoming steep barriers to enriching learning opportunities. Due to the educational value of being immersed in cultures different from one’s own, Getaway Growth believes all youth deserve access to opportunities for international experiences and must be provided to underserved communities. Getaway Growth covers the costs associated with its trips for each student, ensuring that all students, regardless of their background, have access to international learning opportunities.

Building a Network that Transcend Borders

Getaway Growth is unique in that we also extend our work and aim to serve our host country. We achieve this by also sponsoring students in the host country. We maximize the experience of cross-cultural learning for our students and provide them with the opportunity to build life-long relationships that transcend borders.

Practical & Enriching Curriculum

We prioritize three key areas on our trips: intercultural competence, ethical service learning, and environmental stewardship, which are critical for transformation, professional and leadership development. Our intercultural competence workshops, beginning prior to the trip and from day one, help students appreciate their differences while recognizing their interconnectedness. As they learn about the historical and cultural contexts of the host country, our students also contribute to the community with well-intentioned and meaningful purpose.

Intercultural competence & service learning in kenya

Winter 2024

Our 2024 program learnings are situated within the context of Kenya and provide an overview of general components of intercultural competence that can be applied in any global interaction.

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The best aspect of the program was getting a non-touristy Kenyan experience. For instance, seeing the Maasai village, getting to interact with the women and children there, and experiencing their culture and life firsthand. Also, the safari drive was amazing, seeing non-caged animals in the zoo (rather, in the wild/their natural habitat) And, also making Kenyan friends!!! Just literally meeting everyone there!

-Avey S

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Empower our next generation of leaders

We are raising funds to give 10 students (five US students and five students from Kenya) to give them the opportunity to participate in our Intercultural Competence and Service Learning Program this Summer 2023.


Your support with help fund costs associated with our student program including airfare, accommodations, meals, travel insurance, travel immunizations and vaccines, obtaining passports, fees to educational sites, fees for extra/co-curricular activities, program development, instructors and chaperone fees. 

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